• Hammer / E-Caps Customer Appreciation Sale!

    Thought I would pass this on to any and all that are interested. Just got word that from November 15 till December 15 Hammer and E-Caps products are on sale! Here is a little taste...
    20% off all Hammer products!
    20-50% off all E-Caps products!
    Voler clothing at, near or below cost!
    Log on to the website or call 1.800.336.1977
    When you place an order use ad code CA05 to get your discount!

    Here are some of the products I use and their current sale prices...
    Jug of Hammer Gel in assort. flavors: $15.16
    Endurolytes: $14.36
    Perpetuem: $9-$31.96
    Sustained Energy: $11.96-$39.96

    If you have questions on certain product feel free to post a comment or e-mail me.

    Happy shopping!