• Got'a love the Stairmaster.

    Got in 1.5 hours of pure Stairmaster fun in today. Nothing high intensity, just good 'ole fat burning efforts. So the rumor is that you burn the most body fat when you run between 50 and 65% of your max heartrate. So that is what I did. The cool thing about today's workout is that I used the new HR monitor from Cateye which shows your percentage of effort in real time. No more looking at 3 digit numbers are figuring out if you are in your zone. The Cateye HR monitor simply reads the current HR plus it displays the percentage of max. Bonus! Here is a quick picture of the 2 models coming out some time this year.

    Mmmmm, HR monitors. And at MSRP of $80 and $100 respectively you can't go wrong here.

    Also today, I ran ELETE in my bottles for my stairmaster session. I have been following this stairmaster workout routine for the last 5 or so years. Today was the first time after a sweaty stairmaster session that I was not covered in salt, and didn't feel drained afterwards. Looks like I will be using the ELETE at the gym for this offseason.

    Tomorrow it's back to the YMCA for day 2 of weights.

    Why do people workout in jeans and/or cotton? Geez.

    Time for some shop time.