• Gosh Darn Internet Service

    It's cool freezing outside today.

    It was 18 degrees this AM when I walked to the YMCA to throw some weights around. Throw in a 30 mph west wind and you have a below zero wind chill. Ouch! And to think it's only November. We also got some snow last night. Just enough to make everything white. It sucks! I wanted to start some base mile today, but didn't due to the ice that was all over the roads/trails I would ride. So it looks like I might start the bike tomorrow or even hold off till Sat/Sun. I am going to be doing some long slow gravel rides on the single speed. This will force me to take it easy and work on leg speed.

    Also, my internet is back to "crap-mode" It hasn't work't all day. What the crap? I am sure it is because of the crazy ice and wind. Hope it doesn't happen too much more. Seems like it has been happening a lot the last few weeks.

    I started messing around with Apple's iMovie at home. There is talk of a Trans-Iowa DVD. We have some camera freeks here in town that want to imbed themselves in the madness. How cool would it be to see some racer freezing their ass off...eating a burrito in a small town Iowa gas station...at 3 AM? I'd watch it.

    In really good news...
    Carl got his bad ass some Kreitler Rollers. Look out!
    He's going Super Pro in 2006.
    Do you think Iowa is the largest consumer of Kreitler Rollers?

    Time to get som Zzzzz's. Lots of cardio on Thursday AM.