• Case of the sniffles.

    Dang it! Here we go again. Yesterday about 1 PM my nose started to run....and run......and run. Seems like this crap is still going around, and I have caught it again. My body feels OK, but my head is a bit stuffed up. I am not going to push it. No working-out today. Rather I will go in and cover for Carl at the shop around 2 bells. Speaking of the shop, most of the Europa Employee bios are up on the site. Anyone think Planters Peanut's bio is a bit...um....errr...not well thought out? What kind of shoes? What kind of short? Etc, etc, etc.

    Thank God that it is getting towards X-Mas. The shop is starting to pick up now [insert "yipee" here]. People are looking for all those little stocking stuffer items. Had some guy in last night looking for suspension for his go-kart.............what? That is just one of the crazed customers we get atleast once a day. Also, we are selling the crap out of the Tifosi's. Great set of specs for the price. We have so much inventory right now, that people should be able to find what they are looking for.

    I'd win more races if I had one of these for the podium.