• Bunch of random stuff.

    So today is pretty simple. Get up...go to the YMCA...do 2 hours of cardio...come home...go to work. I took a bit longer to drink my coffee and head to the YMCA for one reason...the outside temp. At 7 AM it was 6 degrees out. The temp gauge at the bottom of my computer screen says it all. A week ago it was 65 degrees out. Today it will be about 20 degrees. What the crap!

    So at about 8 AM I gear'd up for the walk to the YMCA. The hardest part about the walk to the YMCA is the steps in and out of our apartment. They are an icey death trap. If you come over...you've been warned.

    It didn't take long to figure one thing out about the snow...


    So, I made it to the YMCA and back with a very successfull work out. I just don't hope I have to dress like this for another month or so. And my glasses are crooked, cause I was attacked by some 4 foot kid walking to school. Punk!

    I knew Sager was a pretty popular cyclist/blogger, but this is getting out of control!

    Ok, here is my Top 10 Ways To Gain Attention at the Local Gym (in no particular order)
    1. Expose those tan lines that only cyclists have.
    2. Wear your cycling socks
    3. Stare down and stalk the machine you are about to use.
    4. Fart while running on the treadmill...on every step.
    5. Grunt really loud while lifting not much weight.
    6. Drop your MP3 player, then crash and smash your grill on the treadmill while trying to pick it up.
    7. Wear camo or blue jeans. (see this)
    8. Yell at the 5 year old boy playing in the drinking fountain
    9. Sing out loud with your MP3 player
    10. Use a machine the wrong way and hurt yourself doing it.
    So, what would you add to this Top 10 list?

    And in case you are wondering...only numbers 1 and 2 apply to me.