• Another Top 10 List.

    The Top 10 Things you never want to overhear at the local gym while working out.

    1. "Mommy, why does that man have his hands down his pants?"

    2. "Sir, can I ask you to please remove the x-ray glasses."

    3. The person farting on every step on the treadmill.

    4. A large man with the small head grunting while lifting large amounts of weight.

    5. The person singing to their MP3 player "American Idol" style.

    6. A very large sweaty person rolling around on one of those fit-balls.

    7. The sound of full body impact on the treadmill.

    8. "Sir, can I ask you not to bench press the small child."

    9. Eye Of The Tiger playing over...and over....and over the gym music speakers.

    10. That guy who has to talk to everyone while working out. You know "that guy" I am talking about.

    Feel free to add your own to this list.

    And speaking of the local gym...
    I am off to the YMCa to lift some massive amounts of weight...well, not really.

    One last thing...
    Heather Mosley has her head on straight. Her ways of thinking about athlete sponsorship make sooooooo much sense.

    I overheard this today at the YMCA: "I don't recognize you with all your clothes on."

    Today's smart-ass-comment-of-the-day goes to an un-named YMCA employee: "Hey buddy, nice tan lines. You just get back from Mexico?"

    More painful that getting your ass kicked out back behind the old oak tree.