• The Anatomy of an Iowa Trail Builder

    Here are the essentials while wondering into the wilderness to build trails in Iowa. Does Iowa have wilderness? Anywho, here ya go.

    1. A Cateye team issue beanie to keep the mellon warm and steamy.

    2. A Camelback Flashflo filled with water and a bit of ELETE. Inside the pouch next to the bladder I also have a Clif Bar to keep the furnace going. Geez, we were out from 9 AM till 2:30. Got to keep the belly happy.

    3. A pair of Salomon Raid adventure racing shoes. They are light and durable. Good for playing in the woods.

    4. A $5.00 pair of cheapo Wal-Mart work gloves. We'll see if these make it thru Sunday. I am crossing my finger since I bought them at the Evil Empire. Hey, I still have the receipt.

    5. One of G-Ted's finest tools. This here rake has made many a trail in the Cedar Valley area. Let the tradition continue.

    6. I am keeping my feet happy with a pair of DeFeet Woolie Boolies. Great socks! Check 'em out.

    7. To keep the chill out I am sport'n a North Face windstopper vest. This thing was almost too warm.