• Ugh.

    Feeling a bit under the weather here. Seems like the sickness is going around. Plus throw in the messed up schedule the last two weeks with flying and time changes, and you have a perfect equation for a Fall cold. Right now, my body aches a bit and I am feeling weak. Hope this doesn't last too long, cause it is a total downer.

    So for the time being, I am going hash out these kit designs for those of you that are waiting. I currently have 2 paying customers and 1 I have donated my services to. So, I have some work to do for the next week or so.

    Speaking of work...
    We are now a Tifosi dealer at Europa Cycle and Ski. We have a huge selection...30 + pairs or so in stock! I dig the Tifosi's, cause the price point is way low...$29.99-$59.99. And that includes glasses with interchangeable lenses. CRAZY!!! Plus, there is no lenses distortion...BONUS!!!

    That is about all here. Time to work on some design stuff, and think more about Trans-Iowa. Really hope to get rid of this sickness soon.