• Tuesday...Oh hum.

    Just another Fall day. Nothing overly exciting going on here. Temps were a bit chilly...43 degrees...when I saddled up to go out for some fat tire madness with Carl. We put in about 2 hours, but nothing overly high intensity. Feels great to just go out and ride with no set work out to follow. It sucks to think that in about a month and a half there could be about a foot of snow on the ground. Right now, it's nothing but leaves. Which, I might add, make riding the single track a bit challenging at high rates of speed. Yesterday, I went out and raged the single track at GW State Park. The Maxxis Ignitors were getting their "drift on" in some of the corners. Lucky for me, I kept in upright.

    For the rest of the day, here is what I have on tap...
    • Walk into work at 4 PM
    • Work on some cycling kit designs...Noonan, do you guys have more changes? I sent you a proof the other day.
    • Send in more sponsorship proposals to non-Cateye Enduro sponsors
    • Take a nap.
    One final note:
    I let Guitar Ted barrow a Triple Shot last night. You can read his review HERE.

    Oh, how I want thee.