• To Do's Over the Next Few Days

    1. Finish New Mart Team kits.
    2. Finish and submit to Verge the Milltown Cycles kit.

    3. Call Sloane.

    4. Get rid of this sickness that has invaded my body.

    5. Go to Carl's "I Graduated from College...Finally" Party.

    6. Get a winter membership to the YMCA.
    7. Recover from sickness to go on Sunday AM mnt bike ride with JY
    8. Send off more '06 sponsorship proposals. I am looking for a shoe sponsor and someone to help with travel and fees.
    9. Do some more planning for Trans-Iowa V.2

    Speaking of Trans-Iowa...
    If you want the side-bar promo that is on display to your right, just E-MAIL me and I'll send you the code.