• Saturday's Goodness.

    Not much going on. I have the weekend shift at the shop. We are currently having a bit of a break in the action so I thought I would fill you in on the latest and greatest activities of the last few days.

    This weekend Guitar Ted is out mapping and checking out course options for the 2006 running of Trans-Iowa. I think he mentioned that his estimations on his new course would make the course around 30 miles longer. He also had mentioned something about some killer off-gravel sections. It's going to be interesting to see what he digs up on Monday.

    The jet-lag from the trip to Japan is starting to officially suck. I have not had a decent nights sleep since I have been back. I am tired at 2 pm. Go to bed at 9 PM. Up at 2 AM. Back to sleep at 5 AM. Up at 7 AM for work. Geez. I hope this gets straightened out soon.

    Last night, I went out for a killer night ride with some of the guys from the Bike Tech Team. We hit up about 2 hours of local trails including the Greenbelt witch is hella fast right now. Lots of big ring action to be had in the 'belt till it rains again. Might go back out on Sunday in the AM before work.

    This time of year is the time to start searching for sponsors for the 2006 season. The Cateye Enduro team is going to be one more season for sure. While in Japan, I learned of some new products that Cateye has coming out that will need product testing. Also, I am hunting for personal sponsors that are not part of the Cateye team. For example: shoes. There are some other items I am going to go after that I feel are great products and can benefit my racing. Stay tuned for more to come on those items.

    Lastly, Good luck to those yahoo's racing out in Moab. They include...Sloane, and A Lis. As of this post, they should be about 1.5 hours into the 24 hours of pure enjoyment.

    Time to get back to work.