• Random Pictures from Japan Trip.

    Here are a few pics that I snapped during the trip. All race oriented pictures are coming to me from Cateye, so when I get them I will post them along with the race report. It should be soon.

    So for the time being...

    So I flew into Kansai Intl Airport. There I was met by Cateye Enduro mastermind DA. We then loaded all the bikes onto the train to get into Osaka and my hotel room, where I spent my first night.

    So here is a picture of Osaka looking north from the 11th floor of the hotel. Almost 10 million people can this place home. Thank god I am not one of them.

    After that first night in the hotel I spent the day walking around the shopping centers in the area. One of my favorite spots that I stopped at a few times...Pasco (a local bakery). It's a bakery with the mother load of baked goods. It made me smile.

    This bag caught my eye while wondring around. To bad it would serve no purpose in my life otherwise it would be back here in the States with me.

    Then I came across this. What the hell! Here I am almost 1/2 way around the world and in this crazy T-shirt store they have this shirt. Funny thing is that Parkersburg is only like 15 miles from my apartment here in Waterloo. I ride through Parkersburg a few times a year. Too funny!

    After spending the day doing some light walking it was time to get to the race. So 3 of us + 4 bikes + all the gear, cramed into this sweet rig. This little gem of a car is great for weaving thru traffic and taking sharp corners at a high rate of speed. I was there. I can prove it.

    Cruising to the event. See anything different here?

    Scoping out the local sights via the huge glass windows.

    Once we got into the mountains it was tunnel after tunnel. At one point we went thru one that was over 5 miles long. These mountain roads would be sweet for road riding/racing. Lots of switch backs and 7-10% grades. Feel the burn!

    After getting to the race...winning the race...and getting back to Osaka, it was time to head back to the States. Here is the line at Kansai to get my ticket. HOLY CRAP!

    After the 12 hour flight from Osaka to Chicago it was time to kill 2.5 hours between flights. So I did that with the current Dirt Rag and a cup of the black goodness.

    Race pictures and report to come soon....really, I mean it.