• More Pictures from the Japan 24 Hour Race

    If you can read this, then you know what food and drink to give me when.
    These are the instructions for whom ever might be giving me nutrition when I come in from a lap.

    Behold....The Nutrition.
    Lets see here, what do we have...pain killers, Anti-Fatigue, Endurolytes, ELETE, PowerBar Endurance, and Sustained Energy.

    Shortly before the gun goes off for the start I eye the competition.

    And we are off. 24 hours of mud fling'n fun.

    Wahoo, here we go.

    Stop'n in for some food. Hey, someone got a hot dog? Or I could just eat some of that rice over there.

    Turn'n out a lap.

    Still go'n.

    Love'n every minute.

    The night time is the right time. The night time is the right time.
    I need a hug. Buddy?

    Chill'n out before I cross the finish line at 10 AM.

    Time to think about 2006.
    I can't wait!