• Japan...Part II (short version)

    Got to the race on Saturday night.

    Did an individual TT do decide starting placement...no le mans run in Japan.

    I got 5th overall after just getting out of the car.

    Rained all day Saturday...and Sunday...and Monday....and now even Tuesday.

    Course was a mud bog...think peanut butter.

    Course was like 4.5 miles per lap.

    Little climbing. Bunch of short power climbs. Mud was the worst part.

    Had to switch bikes every 2 laps

    There was like 7 or so solo racers and a bunch of teams.

    The same guy has won like 11 straight years. (this was the 13 year of the event)

    Not this year.


    I got first with 42 laps of mud bogging fun.

    I think I won by like 4 laps.

    Right now I feel pretty good, and am not too sore.

    Will pack up bikes today and take in some sights.

    Tomorrow I fly home.

    In depth post to come when I am back in the States.

    I still can`t read, speak, or understand a word of Japanese