• Japan...Part 1

    Made it! But with out some hassles and good times. My flight was to leave Cedar Rapids at 10:10...but did not leave till 10:40. The flight to Chicago is 40 minutes. My connecting flight to Japan left at noon. You do the math on that one.

    Anyway, I got to the airport in CR at like 8:45 so the baggage nazi could rip thru my bike boxes. And they did. Yep, there was bikes in there, just like I told them. AFter the bike check in it was to Security, where they x-rayed my bag which had clothes, helmet, lights, and powder nutrition. Sure enough, they x-rayed the helmet and lights like 7 times just to make sure. Geez, what a mess.

    After that I was notified that the plane was late getting in and I would not leave till 10:40. I was pacing and wondering if I would make my connecting flight. We took off from CR at 11:10 and busted ass to Chcago. The plane got in at 11:40. I then sprinted off the plane and ran all the way across the airport to get to my plane at 11:58 just as the docking bay door was closing. I was a sweaty heap and made it just in time to my seat. That was too close!

    Finally, I cooled down and we departed Chicago at like 12:20 after sittin gon the run-way in line. I would then sit in a plane for 14 hours of pure enjoyment. The plane staff kept us fed well, and each seat had a flatscreen, so the flight wasnt too bad. I was able to get up and walk around a few times to keep the blood flowing. A few times I sat and stared out the window in the back of the plane as we flew over parts of Alaska and Russia. Very cool.

    Now I am in Osaka, at my team managers crib. Tomorrow we drive 6 hours inland to the mountains for the race which is on Sunday and Monday. Saturday is a TT to determine the start grid.

    So that is all for now. The food is ready, and I have tons more to chat about but it will have to wait. I also have some pics.

    Stay tuned.