• Japan 24 Hour Race Pictures

    Here are a few pictures from the Japan race that were taken by some of the kind folks that help me out in the pits. Check THIS out and THIS for more pictures.

    The 2nd place solo racer. Note, that this super freak has won something like 11 years in a row!

    The winning 5 man team, which consisted of DA (yellow glasses) and

    Heading out on one of the final morning laps.

    Heading out on another lap. This is just coming out of the pits.

    Hang'n out post race with Cateye Enduro team manager DA (cowboy hat) and

    Podium shot!

    Pictures that were taken by Cateye are coming. Should be up really soon. If you want to see more pictures, check out the links at the top of this post.

    I added a new link! It's the site of Alex Dolpp. Who is Alex Dolpp you ask? Well, he is one of the 9 super freaks that finished Trans-Iowa last year. Stop over and check it!