• I want to ramp it up.

    I want to ramp it up, but I need to chill out. This is the hardest part of the year. The transition between 2005 race season and the start of the 2006 offseason training. But as we all know, it is a smart move to take some time off to let the body rebuild, and to let the brain matter get back to a normal thickness. So to pass the time I am still messing with the Trans Iowa V.2 planning. Right now, I am just waiting to hear back from the guys in Decorah as the set date for the T.T. When that date is set...T.I. will be set.

    So in the mean time I have my offseason weight lifting planned out. The first phase will be the AA phase. This phase has one simple goal...get the body ready for what's to come in the next months. Think of it as training the body to train. It goes a little someting like this...

    Duration: November - Dec (M, W, F)
    Warm Up:
    stair master for 30 min.

    Set & Reps:
    3 Sets, 20 reps
    Lift Speed:
    Recovery between Sets:
    1.5 min

    1. Hip Extension (Leg Press with single leg)

    2. Lat Pull Down

    3. Hip Extension (Squats)

    4. Calf Raises

    5. Chest Press

    6. Seated Row

    7. Back Crunches

    8. Standing Row

    9. Sit Up (w/ twist)


    This is the basic work out order. If I told you how much weight I am lifting I would have to kill you. So, don't ask.

    Rest of the day will be working at Europa. Yesterday, I started assembling the bicycle equivalent to satan. Say hello to the Raleigh Retro Glide. Nice bike. Fun bike. But the fenders suck! Everytime I put the fenders on the tires wouldn't fit. This went on...and on...and on....and on. Till I got to the point where I wanted to splatter it with parts-cleaner and throw a match to it. Sorry guys, no fire or small explosion. I just walked away from it to come back to it later today.

    Today, the local Red Bull rep is to stop by to hammer out the Trans-Iowa details. Red Bull rocks!

    That's it. Time to download more music for the offseason rage sessions. Here is what I have so far to just wet my whistle...

    Oh geez, I almost forgot! The 12 Hours of Sugar Creek...a.k.a. Holy Crap there is some sweet climbing and s'track in Wisconsin 12 Hour Race...will be on May 13, 2006. Count me in. This is the best local endurance course. HANDS DOWN! Check it out, along with the rest of the races in the WEM Series.