• Here I come.

    I am sitting in Kansai Airport getting ready to get my fly on again for 14 hours of pure numb ass. For those of you not aware of Kansai Airport...its 100% man made. It sits in the ocean...they hauled in all the dirt...filled the bay...and built a freekn airport on top of the dirt. These Japanese are so clever.

    Yesterday, myself and DA hit up the town. Went to all the shopping/hot spots to take in the Osaka vibe. Cool thing about Japan is you dont need a car. There are trains, buses, bikes, scooters, and other forms of getting from A to B. And, YES, there are Starbucks on every darn corner of this place.

    In bike related news...
    The hot bikes here are super high end Cannondales. *sigh*
    Viva la Giant Bicycles!!!!!

    In food news...
    You can buy squid in the conv. stores like you can buy Frito Lays back in the States. Awesome!

    For the folks at Europa...
    A bag of Japanese snacking goods will be making its way to the break room table. Sorry, no squid.

    Time to catch plane.
    14 hrs to Chicago. 1 hr to Cedar Rapids. 1 hr car drive to Waterloo. YAHOOOOOO!

    Oh, the local time is 4:20 pm