• Good to go.

    Everything is packed. I put as much as I could into the bike boxes. Which happens to be about everything but for the stuff that looks like bombs. The only things I am carrying on the plane is... me, my civilian clothing, helmet, and lights-n-batteries.

    I hope everything goes smoothing in terms of getting everything on the plane. The last thing I want to do is rip apart a bike box in the middle of O'Hare airport.

    So this is it. The last post till after the flight. The flight leave at 10 AM tomorrow. Then I have 15 hours of airplane ass to deal with. Atleast the plane ride to Japan shouldn't be too bad since I am flying in a Boeing 777. It's HUGE!

    Thanks for all the well wishes and good lucks.

    Oh, and a special thanks to G-Ted for getting the stuck seatpost out of my back up NRS Air. I owe you buddy!

    Can you repeat that?