• Almost ready.....almost.

    Talk about scrambling. Pack, pack, pack. Sleep. Throw in a training ride. Pack, pack, pack. Work. Sleep. Double check the list. Ect, ect, ect. I am not cool with packing lite. I like to go to a 24 hour event will all my gear so I am prepared for just about any situation that may arise. All clothes. All spare tires. All spare parts. Tools. 2 Helmets. 2 sets of shoes. All sorts of nutrition. I am going to pack lite with the civilian clothes, and take more race clothes. I would rather wear the same shorts and t-shirt for a week than miss a chance at a podium at this event. Yeah, that is gross in most peoples mind, but who cares. [raise fist in the air] Viva la Stinky Body!!!!!


    So where am I going? I am flying into Kansai Int. Airport near Osaka. It's indicated by the red dot on the map above. From there I am chill'n with my team manager till the race which is this weekend. Going to take in some of the sights. Grab some goodies to bring back for friends and family. I am sorry to report that I will avoid the sushi. Tried it at I-Bike, and it is just not my thing. I hope I am able to get my normal pre-race foods in Japan. Must consume eggs, pasta, pancakes, ect, ect.

    Ok, I need to go out and get in one last ride before my flight tomorrow. I am going to get in some AM hill sprints. I have to work all afternoon at the John Deere Health Fair for the shop. Yes, you read that right. I said John Deere. John Deere is based out of Waterloo. The green flows like a fine wine in this part of the USA. After the fair at 5 it's pack, pack, pack.

    More posts to come.