• Resistance Training

    Headed out this AM at 7:30 with Carl for some road action on the mnt bikes. This time of the year, the rides are short and to the point. Everything has to be a bit more specific. Energy and bodily functions start to get weak after a full season of training. So, no junk miles. Todays ride was to add a few suffer points, and work on consistant power through the pedal stroke. During the 3 hour ride today, I did a few attacks on hills, and a few other hard bursts. The legs felt great. Soon as I walked in the door I was shoving some scrambled eggs and a few ELETE Tablytes down my pie-hole. I am really digging the Tablytes. All ya have to do is pop a pill rather than drink like 4 gallons of an electrolyte drink. Carl should have some pictures up on his blog soon from the ride.

    In other news...
    Most likely not going to the Rapture in Misery down by Kansas City. Want to keep the body fresh for the Japan 24.

    G-Ted made some mention of Trans-Iowa on his site. Are you racing in '06?

    Also working on a bunch of different team kits for different people. The creative juices are flowing like a fine wine right now, so it shouldn't take long to get that stuff pumped out.

    Must get passport on Monday. And pictures taken for the 'port

    Still not sure how I want to fly my 2 NRS bikes to Japan. Thule has a box. But there are other options out there to. Has anyone seen or tried the Thule box?

    OK, that is enough. Time to get ready for a fun filled day at Europa Cycle and Ski with Carl.