• Interbike Part I

    What's up!

    I am going to make this fast casue I am using Ivan from Cole Wheels computer. Check this out...Cole is coming out with a carbon mnt bike wheel soon. The entire rim is carbon! No alloy at all, The hubs have sealed bearing,,,as do all the Cole wheels now, The wheel is in testing, and the way it sounds now, Sloane and myself will be trying these soon, Also note...these are some of the lightest production mnt bike wheels I have touched. Stay tuned. There are some great things to come from Cole in 2006!

    Stopped by Giant to lick,,,errrr....touch the new Anthem. VERY SWEET!!!! I am so pumped to see this new platform, I will have pictures later.

    At Cateye I got my hands on a new HR monitor. I was not aware that these were coming out, They have 2 models...one for $80 and one for $100, I get more info later, Lights are looking good, and HR monitors are HOT!

    Maxxis has a few new tires. The coolest thing...Ignitor in 26 x 2.1. You ask and you shall receive. I aso have pictures to be posted.

    Still have to talk to Tifosi.

    Looking for a shoe sponsor. Lake has a new carbon sole mnt and road shoe that is custom molded to your feet, Looks very appealing.

    Last night was Sushi with Curiak, Karl from RIDE424.com and a host of others. Hashed out some details. I will get more out later. Oh, I hate sushi! Not my thing.

    OK, that is it for now, I need to talk to other sponsors and say thanks on the behalf of Sloane an myself.

    I post back when I can.