• Here's the Plan...

    Get off work tonight.
    Get home and do laundry.
    Pack up for Vegas.
    Set coffee machine to go off early AM.
    Hit the sack.
    Wake up.
    Drive to Cedar Rapids, IA.
    Prepare for my first ever plane ride.
    Fly to Chicago.
    Switch planes.
    Fly to Vegas.
    Hop off and meet Val of ELETE.
    Sit back and take in everything that is Vegas and Interbike.
    Knock over the Campy booth and simply say...."Oops, My Bad."
    Eat Sushi with Mike Curiak...and a host of others
    Become one with the Giant booth
    Try to stay 'sane
    More TBA

    The next few days should be good. One of my biggest goals is to track down all my contacts at the sponsors to the right. With out these people, I would not be going to Vegas...or Japan. Not to mention it's going be cool to hang out with a bunch of the other racers/bloggers. The evening eating Sushi with the Who's-Who of endurance racing should be great. Trans-Iowa 2006 will be mentioned. Some stuff is already being posted on the race site.

    This will be the last post till I find a computer in Sin City.

    Stay tuned...and thanks for the feedback on the redesign