• Good Monday to all!

    Going to make this entry to-the-point.

    Thule Bike boxes have been ordered.
    I have 2 of them coming.
    Figured I might as well buy them, cause I'll never know when I might need them again.
    Got's to love pro-form!

    FOX racing shox has a new website with all the new products.
    Got's to love 32mm legs for increased stiffness!

    Got some course info on the 24 hour race in Japan.
    Looks to be a short lap, with minimal climbing.
    Not super technical.
    These are the tires that I was suggested to give a whirl.
    OK, sounds good.
    Rumor is that rain will be bad on this course.

    Need something to do on the evening of Nov. 12th? How about a mnt bike race....at night...on the best trail system in all the Midwest? CHECK IT!!!!

    If this person is going to be at InterBike, how much is she being paid?
    Does this sell tires? Really, is this great marketing?

    Coming to the USA in 2006!

    Today I have the night shift at the shop with Carl.
    Will be going out to do some riding before work after the roads dry off.
    Will walk to work again. It takes 35 minutes. I feel refreshed.

    Last week I moved into the new apartment with the 'sis and one of her friends. There are 2 stories to this place. We have the top floor, and the people below have the bottom floor. I guess the lower level folks is a real life version of Half Baked meets Mall Rats meets Dumb and Dimber. Nice. Someone said that this place used to be a church. So the entire plcae is HUGE! I could ride lap inside this place. Here are some pictures...

    Here is the living room with the wee little TV that pumps out 700+ channels of low quality entertainment.

    The kitchen. Some day I am going to huck off this counter.

    Our bathroom has a view of the beach and ocean. Beat that!

    My bedroom has a ton of room. More than enough space for 6 bikes and my other belongings.

    One of my sisters dogs. All they do is sleep, and want to be scratched.

    The other one. Yep, he wants to go outside.
    Their names are Trevor and Bella. Hell if I remember which one is which.
    I could just refer to them as Poop and Crap. Cause they do that a lot.

    So that is that. Time to go out and spin. Then head to work. Tomorrow is my day off from the shop. Going to try to get Passport and huge miles in tomorrow. Hope there is still a planned road group ride on Tuesday night.

    Are we still doing Tuesday night hammerfest's???