• All Moved In.

    Yep. It's official. Moving sucks more than anything has sucked before. To make matters worse it was like way hot yesterday...92 degrees. Swamp ass conditions were in the extreme range. It took me about 7 trips between the old apt and new apt to get everything moved. Not to shaby. But...it still sucked. Now I am all moved in. Everything is where it needs to be. I walked into work today, and will walk in as much as possible. It's only a 30 minute walk and most of it is on the bike trail and sidewalks. Viva la human power!

    Now I am chill'n at work updating the blog, getting caught up on e-mails, check'n out the latest cycling news, and soon to be looking for a ISP for our apartment. Hope'n to get DSL....or I should say....anything but dial-up.

    That's it. Time to find a ISP.