• Not Going to Worlds.

    Yep, you read that correctly. Why you might add? Because I posted a personal opinion on a public forum regarding the escalading price of entry fees in endurance racing in general.


    My comments which posted claimed that I personally thought that the price of fees at endurance races across the country where getting out of hand ($400 to race World's. 1/2 paid by me, the other by sponsors). The folks at 24 HOA, which I might add, I have NO personal issues or grudges against, replied back. I read their post. I then commented back with an apology, and a way that the future of the sport might become more obtainable for all. This seem to set off a fire storm.

    2 weeks past, then the other day I recieve an e-mail directly from 24 HOA regarding my facts were harming the sport and process of 24 HOA. They stated that my comments would directly effect the way this sport will be futurized. I read thru the e-mail somewhat confused. Instead of e-mailing back and forth, I took the time to personally contact the founder of 24 HOA. We discussed the issue in a civilized mannor for about 45 minutes. The phone call ended something like this...

    Jeff: Thanks for your time and I'll see you next weekend.
    24 HOA: I need time to let this settle. We'll see if you will be participating. I'll contact you.

    What!? Ok, I thought. 24 HOA does run their own series. They control every aspect of the events since there is no governing body in endurance racing. So I waited, and waited for a reply. Finally today, I sent an e-mail to 24 HOA stating that I was preparing to drive 2 days to Whistler on my own dime to race, and I would really like and answer.

    They replied back with a document stating that because of my actions, I am banned from all 24 HOA events for 1 calander year.

    OK. They can do what they wish. I will leave it at that and will not fight it. I am NOT going to make this a grudge. I, personally will not speak of this matter anymore on this blog or any public forum for the betterment of the sport and 24 HOA. Good luck to those racing, crewing, running/organizing, and volunteering in one of the worlds best venues.

    Hotels have been canceled. I do enjoy the 24 HOA events by the way. If I didn't I wouldn't have competed in 3 of them. Looks like I will have to look to the future.

    So, now instead of heading to World's I will be hitting up the 3rd Annual Iowa 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race in Boone.

    I have more training to do. The season is not over yet. Thank You.